Welcome to my corner of the cyber world.

So you want to know who I am??? TOO BAD!!!! *lmao* Well, you talked me into it.
I'm Emma, from Sydney Australia!! *g* I spend most of my time trying to have a good time, playing guitar and I love socialising but when i can't do it in person, i chat on Dougs which is where i spend a good amount of my life!
What i do when i'm not on Dougs... *karate *attempt to play my guitar *chill with my buds *Pretty much play any sport 'cept netball *erk* and golf I like pretty much anything that can be classified as fun and if it's not, i'll find something better to do

My family consists of one sister who's a year older than me, one brother who's about 6 years older than me, a mother and a father although they are divorced. We have (between my mums and dads houses) 5 cats, Goblin, Major, Zeus, Caramel and Chelsea my brothers dog, Jake and my own little pain in the arse of a puppy, Elmo all of which i adore.

Well, yet again, i kinda lost touch with this page and it's been gathering dust so i'll try to make it kinda interesting *gulp*

My buddies on the net ...

Gail.....You mean the most to me, without you, i wouldn't be here *major hugzandlickz*
lover.....the name says it all....a legend to whom i owe a lot! *hugs&lickz*
Royale....damn funny, if you want a laugh, find her!! *hugehugzandlickz*
jimi....my inspiration and my soulmate *hugzandlickz*
Sami....wouldn't ever forget you bud *hugs&lickz*
Prinny....a party animal and then some!!!*hugz&lickz*
cara....Mummmmmmmmy *g* Love ya bud!*hugzandlickzwithicemagic*
Timmybeany....Daddddddyyyy! *l* *hugzandlickz* 2 da coolest dude on da net
Lissi....my superhero bud. All i can say is shit, what a legend!*hugzandlickz*
Zool...a superohero known to all *hugz&lickz*
Spacegirl....Gee, what can i say??? *LOL*
christopher....anytime you need to chat, i'm here! *hugs&lickz*
Ged....haven't chatted to you for awhile but *hugzandlickz* anywayz
hotdog.....awwww what a sweetie is the hotdoggie *hugsandlickz*
5150....one of the best people i know *hugz&lickz*
sinjin......I doth love thee*hugs&lickz*
Kacee....it's great to know you're my friend! *hugz*
Honey...chat goddess.....don't mess with this woman! *l**hugzandlickz*
Dragon Pyre....haven't seen you much lately *pout* *hugz*
N@utilus.....*heheheh* He carries a knife so look out!!! *l* *hugsandlickz*
Weasel.....wease!!! *hugzandlickz*
Silver.....*grabs him and drags him under the table with the whipped cream* *hugzandlickz*
Moulder.....take care of Zoolie !!! *g* *hugzandlickz*
Minxy....my cyber sis who i miss *poutzhugzandlickz*
Gangrel and Morticia.... damn great people!!! *hugzandlickz*
ZxC.... *will miss him when he goes to America *pouthugzandlickz*
Flukeman....WOOHOO!!! *loves Lost World!!* *hugzandlickz*
Shelton...alwayz been able to make me feel better about everything *hugehugzandlickz*
Shad!!! *hugehugzandlickzwhilehittinghimwitharubberchicken*
Lasha....damn good person!!! *g* *hugzandlickz*
adan....*pinch* *hehehehehheh* *hugzandlickz*
Happy Gilmore.... i'd be up shit creek without you!!! *hugzandlickz*

(if i've missed anyone out sorry, email me and i'll get you up there!)

Kewl Links

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*ahem* THE best AFL team!!! SIT AND SPIN GANGREL!!
My page
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my pic
A piccy of moi, i'm the blonde on the right!


*Picture of my little dawgy Elmo *g*
*Hopefully something that can be at least a little bit interesting on this page *lol*
*ummmm, actually, i don't know what else

I have conned people into seeing my page!!

Emma ... aka Figgy

Doing bugger all from -
Sydney, NSW

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